HamilTEN 2019

Congratulations to the winners of the HamilTEN Audience Choice Award!

  • Goodbye – GOLD
  • Dale the Unicorn – SILVER
  • The Focus Group – BRONZE
  • Challenge Question – HON. MENTION

Red Show

  • Friday April 5, 2019 – 7pm 
  • Saturday April 6, 2019 – 9:30pm 
  • Sunday April 7, 2019 – 2:30pm
  • Show Programme

    • My Breast Self by Emanuela Hall
    • A Super Hero by Katherine Albers
    • The Tragedy of Sybil Vane by Kayla Mazepa
    • Wildlife Town Hall by Luis Arrojo
    • Beep by Sarah O’Connor
    • Challenge Question by Franz Perez. Directed by Mara Elena.

Blue Show

  • Friday April 5, 2019 – 10pm
  • Saturday April 6, 2019 – 8pm 
  • Sunday April 7, 2019 – 1pm
    • Show Programme

      • If I Don’t Open Up My Eyes by Be(e) Right Back Productions. Directed by Luis Arrojo.
      • Wait, Why are We Doing This, Again? by Sarah Edell
      • Fred by Jade Walker
      • The Hobby Horse by Josh Downing. Directed by Lindsay Ryan.
      • The Review by Garry J. Sled
      • Dale the Unicorn by Carlyn Rhamey

    Green Show

    • Friday April 5, 2019 – 8:30pm 
    • Saturday April 6, 2019 – 6:30pm 
    • Sunday April 7, 2019 – 4pm 

    Show Programme

    • 1994 by Joe Boyd. Directed by James Allen.
    • Beige, Puce and Chartrooze by Douglas Lintula. Directed by John Galbraith. 
    • Singerella by Kevin Somers & Rebekah Jackson
    • Goodbye by Kate Racheter
    • The Focus Group by Jacob Styres-MacLeod
    • Ontario Proud by Brian Morton
    Red Show Synopsis

    My Breast Self

    30-year-old Sophie discovers that she is pregnant sooner than she expected to be. As Sophie struggles to breast feed her new baby, she makes a decision that will change everything.

    A Super Hero

    Sometimes friends are less than supportive of our ambitions, even when our ambition is to become a super hero.

    The Tragedy of Sybil Vane

    An adaptation of a story within “The Picture of Dorian Grey” by Oscar Wilde in which Dorian falls in love with an actress named Sybil Vane. This is a telling of the Sybil’s experience as she performed, met, and fell in love with Dorian and had her heart broken.

    Wildlife Town Hall

    A skunk calls a “Wildlife Town Hall Emergency Meeting” to discuss what he perceives to be a threat to his way of life: the legalization of cannabis in the human world.


    Two weeks after her mother dies, Abby hears an unexpected voice on the answering machine. As she attempts to deal with her own shock, an acquaintance tries to comfort her in all the wrong ways.

    Challenge Question

    Colin’s obsession with his favourite band has often come at the expense of his relationship with his wife, Sam. When a chance to get tickets to their reunion show comes up through an online fan club, Colin he realizes he’s forgotten the answer to a very important question.

    Blue Show Synopsis

    If I Don’t Open Up My Eyes

    A university student climbs a hydro tower to meet her brother and see the world from his perspective, above the clouds. She knows it’s the last time she’ll see him up there.

    Wait, Why are We Doing This, Again?

    A long-married couple search for a TV show to watch among countless options, and end up devolving into a hilarious existential crises.


    Fred goes to see psychiatrists for the company, but his newest psychiatrist, Beverly, seems to need the companionship even more than he does.

    The Hobby Horse

    An absurd tale of three characters in search of meaning in a mad world. At the centre of their desire is the mysteriously-wrapped hobby horse. Each must face the truth about what they are willing to give up in order to have everything they want.

    The Review

    It’s time for Parker’s annual employee review, and he has been presented with a unique challenge: Can he tell the difference between his own ass and a hole in the ground?

    Dale the Unicorn

    Dale is a beautiful majestic unicorn who lives in Hamiltoe. Tragedy strikes when his only friend, a tree named Dave, falls gravely ill. In order to save his friend, Dale must face and defeat three monsters… in Toronton.

    Green Show Synopsis


    A brief glimpse into the heart of a man who, at a young age, suffered a tragedy that no one should ever have to experience. What would we say to someone we loved and lost if we had the chance?

    Beige, Puce and Chartrooze

    Black was banished to the Land of Rejected Colours, where people wear Beige, Puce and Chartrooze. But Black has returned to The Land of Accepted Colours to seek vengeance against those whose accusations led to banishment. Will Black succeed in this mission?


    A new national singing contest, Singsation, has a first prize of a billion dollars. Join Singerella and her Fairy Life Coach and Fairy Pianist as they try to sing their way to a glass ticket!


    A young woman grapples with the sudden tragic loss of a loved one while at a funeral visitation, and confronts her perceptions of funeral traditions and expectations.

    The Focus Group

    Three radically different individuals come together in a focus group to test Tippy’s 200-proof Rye Whiskey – a beverage that has the highest alcohol content available by law.

    Ontario Proud

    Two deceased politicians find themselves outside the gates of Heaven, trying to figure out how to get in.

    Festival photos courtesy of Danielle Smiley Photography, https://www.daniellesmileyphotography.com