HamilTEN 2015

Congratulations to the winner of the HamilTEN Audience Choice Award!

  • The Bridge by Jessica Anderson

Show Programme

  • The Bridge by Jessica Anderson, directed by Ryan Sero
  • Conversations with a Capital “A”  by Robin Sadavoy, directed by Nastazja Palonka
  • Tyson by Kevin Somers, directed by Laura Ellis
  • Appearances by Katherine Albers
  • Evinrude Fabio by Colette Kendall
  • Barbershop Trio by Blending Reality Productions, directed by Karyn Pietsch
  • Pee & Qs by Josh Downing
  • The Hourglass by Francesca Brugnano
  • Saint Catherine of Ontario by Bryan Boodhoo, directed by Luis Arrojo
  • A Matter of Negativity by Sean Hurley, directed by Gary Santucci